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“The iPad is more than a tablet; it is my magic canvas. The Apple Pencil is more than a brush – it is my wand. The creative technology will invariably remain contemporary – as it always in its infancy. I have the power to create anytime, anywhere.  I can invent in an instant – and initiate my work in a clean, intimate - frictionless environment. I ease my stress by getting lost in the work - instantaneously capturing what is in my mind’s eye while I start the dance.  The hardest obstacle is simply to know when to stop.”   ARTISTMARK

Insight into my Creative Process.


“I was an early adopter of the iPad and found myself quickly immersed in the creative potential of the device. It was clean – portable – and allowed for spontaneous creativity – something I always found difficult when creating with traditional pencil, paper, paint and photography.”

“The term Intelligent iPad Art originated from my creative process - painstakingly identifying, mixing and matching unique recipes of drawings, images, textures and designs - with select iPad applications - to create each mixed media composition.  It is wonderful getting lost in the process while I dance through every stroke of my Apple Pencil, layered filter, and texture of each original piece." 




My work is derived and inspired by stress and life. Film - Wes Anderson; Music - The Brian Jonestown Massacre; Artists - Tadanori Yokoo, David LaChapelle, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Joan Miro, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Egon Schiele, and David Hockney.

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