ARTISTMARK's Experimental POP ART Portraits combine distinct, contemporary drawings - fused into a curated collection of layered iPad applications - creating an exciting new genre of original, digital mixed media paintings.  Experimental POP ART's abstract compositions are intelligent art by design - and their unique, digitally transformative style invites the patron to consume the artwork well beyond the canvas.​ Experimental POP ART has been exhibited throughout the world and was exclusively showcased at the Apple Store UES in NYC.


Gallery Quality Aluminum, Canvas, Acrylic, and Poster Prints are available below.  Original, one-of-a-kind artwork is available. Contact

“The iPad is more than a tablet – it is my magic canvas. The Apple Pencil is more than a brush – it is my wand. Art and technology will invariably remain contemporary – as it will always be in its infancy. I have the power to create anytime, anywhere. I can invent in an instant – and initiate my work in a clean, intimate – frictionless environment. I simply get lost in the work – instantaneously capturing what is in my mind’s eye as I start the dance. The hardest obstacle is simply to know when to stop.” - ARTISTMARK