"ARTISTMARK is leading the Digital POP Art Revolution." - Art Business Journal transforming images into unique multi filtered forms of intelligent iPad art.
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"ARTISTMARK is leading the Digital POP Art Revolution." - Art Business Journal

You’ve discovered the unique digital pop art practice of ARTISTMARK, whose critically acclaimed Experimental POP exclusively utilizes the Apple iPad. ARTISTMARK leads this next generation style of digital mixed media - transforming images into a unique multi filtered form of intelligent iPad art.

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​Experimental POP incorporates a multitude of layered images and applications to produce this unique genre of original digital art. Experimental POP is transformative art by design - and its contemporary style invites the viewer to consume the work well beyond the canvas.


​Experimental POP hand-drawn portraits apply Apple Pencil and a collection of iPad applications in creating this mixed digital media genre of abstract paintings.

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© 2021 All Experimental POP artwork by ARTISTMARK | All Rights Reserved. info@artistmark.com


"ARTISTMARK is leading the Digital POP Art Revolution." - Art Business Journal You’re admiring a lush blend of patterns and colors - while gazing at recognizable figures wrapped in a blaze of vibrant hues. These abstract compositions emerging through fantastic geometric layers are the unique digital pop art practice of ARTISTMARK, whose critically acclaimed Experimental POP digital mixed media exclusively utilizes the Apple iPad. Contact: sales@artistmark.com for more information.