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ARTISTMARK is a groundbreaking, critically acclaimed Digital Artist - exclusively using Apple iPad as his canvass.  His award winning Experimental POP ART Portraits combine distinct, contemporary drawings - fused into a curated collection of layered iPad applications - creating an exciting new genre of original, digital mixed media paintings. Experimental POP ART's abstract compositions are intelligent art by design - and their unique, digitally transformative style invites the artwork to be consumed well beyond the canvas.


On the heels of major museum retrospectives of artists such as David Hockney celebrating art made using iPad technology, Experimental POP ART's abstract compositions are an exciting new genre of intelligent digital art.

Digital Experimental POP ART Portraits

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Curated recipe of layered iPad applications

​“The iPad is more than a tablet; it is my magic canvas. The Apple Pencil is more than a brush – it is my wand. The creative technology will invariably remain contemporary – as it always in its infancy. I have the power to create anytime, anywhere.  I can invent in an instant – and initiate my work in a clean, intimate - frictionless environment. I ease my stress by getting lost in the work - instantaneously capturing what is in my mind’s eye while I start the dance.  The hardest obstacle is simply to know when to stop.”   ARTISTMARK


Insight into my Creative Process.:


“I was an early adopter of the iPad and found myself quickly immersed in the creative potential of the device. It was clean – portable – and allowed for spontaneous creativity – something I always found difficult when creating with traditional pencil, paper, paint and photography.”

“The term Intelligent iPad Art originated from my creative process - painstakingly identifying, mixing and matching unique palette's of drawings, images, textures and designs - combined with select iPad applications - to create each mixed media composition." 


About Experimental POP ART:


There are strong references to numerous artistic genres in my work, including Fauvism, Abstract Art, Pop Art and Cubism.  Experimental POP ART is neither enslaved to nor dictated by them, but its original personal aesthetic has strong influences from Picasso and Basquiat - as well as Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Peter Max, Tadanori Yokoo, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Gustav Klimt, and Egon Schiele.


Experimental POP ART provides the viewer with an opportunity for discovery without story or explanation, and one is encouraged to see the work clearly, as there exists no artist intent at the beginning of each piece.  The work is allowed to present itself, evolve, grow and recede in the viewer’s eye – becoming both novel and familiar, encouraging contemplation and conversation.


Each piece maintains a rhythm, comfort, and caress in their aesthetic. They can be unconventional and somewhat confrontational, but never offensive. There exists a deliberate naivety which is both refreshing and confident in delivery, and this simplicity is juxtaposed against the complexity of the creative technology used in its design, process, color, and texture. The strokes are timely and fluent, varied when required and consistent where necessary. The pieces represent a creative process rendering the works alive, emotional, and never a mere equation. 2+2=5 as they breathe and palpate. There exists an inevitability which offers reassurance to the viewer and multiple forms of accessibility which encourages appreciation and deliberation of the work across a variety of mediums.


Composition is convincing and balanced, and the use of lines, color, and texture transport the viewer through each piece of work with deliberation, confidence, and clarity. Consideration becomes effortless as a result. These digital pieces are analytical in design and emotional in response with no suggestion of hesitation or tentativeness. They are free. The colors employed are purposeful in the harmony and disharmony creating depth, balance, and sustained interest while consuming the work.

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